LED waterproof tube

Waterproof up to ip 65,widely used in outdoor lighting, humid environment, such as refrigerator, washing room, underground parking lot.


LED PL Lamp(G24)

PL lamps are a comprehensive application of LED optoelectronic fantastic light source that is both energy efficient and decorative allowing us to create an ambient setting or environment a special feature atmosphere.


2G11 LED PLL Lamp

LED PL-L lamp is designed to replace traditional 24W traditional lamp.Integrated constant current LED driver generates less heat and lengthens the life of the lamp.


LED Solar Lawn Light

Compact solar light,Waterproof up ip65, light sensor auto on/off, adjustable,insert into the ground.


LED Solar Fence Light

Wide angle design, wider illumination, IP65 waterproof level, auto off at dawn or in bright area,auto on at dusk or in darkness.

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