Linear Pendant Light

LED linear light with Sharp/Flat/Wide/Narrow/Double (L/R) asymetric angle Lens, widely used in Supermarket, Warehouse and Workshop.


LED Track Lights

Beam angle adjustable spotlight, wildely used in Window Show, Supermarket, Shopping mall, Residential Buildings, Jewelry Store etc.


LED Waterproof Tube

Widely used in outdoor lighting, humid environment, such as refrigerator, washing room, underground parking lot.


LED Fresh Pendant Light

Fresh light used in supermarket pork, fish,fresh frozen area, highlighting the succulent, rosy.


LED PL Lamp(G24)

LED PL lamps are a comprehensive application of LED optoelectronic fantastic light source that is both energy efficient and decorative allowing us to create an ambient setting or environment a special feature atmosphere.


Recessed Linkabled Linear Light

Connect with seamless, form with line shape. IC driver. No flicker, No glaring.CIR ≥ 80.PF ≥ 0.9 Use in shopping mall, office, school, leisure site.

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