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We are a professional manufacturer of LED panel light,LED linear light, recessed linkabled linear light, led waterproof tube, COB LED down lights, COB LED track lights,that can be widely used in supermarkets, hotels, shoes stores, clothging stores, coffee shops, banks, meeting rooms and exhibition halls, Exhibition wardrobes, show windows and stores

1. Features:

  • High Quality SMD2835 LED Chip.
  • AC85-265V input, High Efficiency,Outerior Isolated Constant Current driver.
  • Long Lifespan: >50,000 Hrs
  • High-tech Optical Designv,Environmental friendly, no mercury, no pollution.
  • Quick Lightening, no strobe
  • Panel Frame: Pure Aluminum 6063.

2. Main Specifications:

Model Number LED Type QTY of LEDS Power Input Voltage Color Temperature Luminous CRI Power Efficiency Power Factor Dimension Warranty
PL001595X595A SMD3825 192pcs 36-40W






90lm/W 80Ra ≥0.85 ≥0.9 L595*W595*H10mm 3 years
PL001595X595B SMD4014 192pcs 36-40W 85lm/W L595*W595*H10mm 3 years
PL0011195X295A SMD2835 192pcs 36-40W 90lm/W L1195*W295*H10mm 3 years
PL0011195X295B SMD4010 192pcs 36-40W 85lm/W L1195*W295*H10mm 3 years
PL0011195X595A SMD2835 432pcs 60W 130lm/W L1195*W595*H10mm 3 years

3.Installation Diagram



Model Inner box size(L*W*H) Outer Carton size(L*W*H) Qty/Carton
PL001595X595 640X640X35mm 680X680X195mm 6pcs
PL0011195X295 1277X340X40mm 1297X356X225mm 5pcs
PL0011195X595 1315X680X128mm 1335X700X530mm 4pcs

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