We are a professional manufacturer of LED linear light, recessed linkabled linear light, led waterproof tube, COB LED down lights, COB LED track lights,that can be widely used in supermarkets, hotels, shoes stores, clothging stores, coffee shops, banks, meeting rooms and exhibition halls, Exhibition wardrobes, show windows and stores


  • Connect with seamless, form with line shape.
  • Connect by 4pcs pillar which lead stable and seamless.
  • Product can be used hanging ,surface mounted, recessed installation
  • Cap use PC plastic moulding , connect with PC cover with seamless which let the light can't run out.
  • Aluminum PCB with no-facula design, connection by rotate installing which conveniently and easily
  • PC cover transmitting rate reach 86%, luminous reach 110lm/w.
  • IC driver. No flicker, No glaring.CIR ≥ 80.PF ≥ 0.9
  • Product passed CE FCC ROSH certifications.

2.Main Specifications:

Model Number LED Type QTY of LEDs Power Input Voltage Color Temperature Luminous CRI Power Factor Dimension Warranty
VF0017035C600 SMD2835 126pcs 20W






1600lm 80Ra 0.9 L616*W70*H35mm 3 years
VF0017035C1200 288pcs 40W 3200lm 80 0.9 L1211*W70*H35mm 3 years
VF0017035C1800 432pcs 60W 4800lm 80 0.9 L1806*W70*H35mm 3 years
VF0017035C2400 576pcs 80W 6400lm 80 0.9 L2400*W70*H35mm 3 years

3.Installation Diagram


  1. Can be installed only by professional. Non-Professional can't separate or install it.
  2. Before installing please check the operating manual. Please confirm the electric was cut out before installing and fixing. Please confirm use the right way of installation before power on.
  3. Make sure around site with ventilate, can't against any fire protection rule when use it.
  4. No separating or assemble without permission.
  5. Any doubts with the product please consult with engineer


Model Inner box size(L*W*H) Outer Carton size(L*W*H) Qty/Carton
VF0017035C600 629X76X64mm 640X240X203mm 9pcs
VF0017035C1200 1224X76X64mm 1235X240X203mm 9pcs
VF0017035C1800 1819X76X64mm 1830X240X138mm 6pcs
VF0017035C2400 2414X76X64mm 2425X240X138mm 6pcs

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